• 2016 Tableau-hayeh Neveshtani (Written Images), A Collection of Short Stories, Ketab-e Mahnaz Publications

  • 2005 School of Flower-and-Bird, A Window into Iranian Aesthetics, Ketab-e Khorshid Publications (2nd edition 2014)

  • 2001 Secret Knowledge, The Secret behind the Development of European Art from Renaissance to the 20th Century, (based on David Hockney’s book), Ketab-e Khorshid Publications

Tablohaye Neveshtani - Short Stories
School of Flower and Bird
School of Flower and Bird
Secret Knowledge
Secret Knowledge


In addition to a number of introductory reviews to peer artists’ solo exhibitions, the following articles have also been published by Jahangir Shahdadi:

  • “Traditional Iranian Painting and Contemporary Art Market”, Isfahan Contemporary Arts Museum Publications, June 2017

  • “Disputable Phenomena in Contemporary Art”, (1995 distributed in the solo exhibitions, 1995), published in Nasleh Farda News, vol. 5308, January 2017

  • “Repetition”, Rozaneh Farhangi Honari Magazine, vol. 1&2, 2016

  • “Farshchian’s Position in Iranian Art”, in Mahmoud Farshchian’s Book, Gooya Publisher, 2016

  • “The Sound of Shape: The Shape of Sound” (for Sharq News), 2011

  • A Prologue to the translation of Umberto Eco’s History of Beauty, translated by Homa Bina, 2011

  • “Epiphany the Reminiscent of Creation”, Sharq News, Art Section, vol. 1330, August 2011

  • “Grand Bazaar or a Grand Game”, Tandis Magazine, vol. 125, June 2008

  • “ENCORE LE REGARD PERSAN”, Brochure of the Group Exhibition of Iranian Artists in Paris”, 2004

  • “Cultural Diversity in Artistic Endeavor”, Brochure of the Group Exhibition of Iranian Artists, Courtyard Gallery, Dubai, 1998

  • “Pol-e Isfahan”, Brochure of the group exhibitions in Isfahan, 1997

  • “The Significance of Qajar Painting, A Possible Perception”, distributed in his solo exhibitions, 1995

  • “The Painter Says:”, distributed in the solo exhibitions and “Pol-e Isfahan” group exhibitions, 1995

  • “Identity in Iranian Painting”, Naqsh Magazine, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art Publications, 1994

  • “The Missing Link”, distributed in solo exhibitions, 1986